Analysis: Don't overpay this backup QB

Step right up, one and all, because AJ McCarron is here to inject some unwise quarterback spending into free agency. Which means he's about to make sure all is right in the NFL universe and a sense of normalcy has been restored. It just wouldn't be free agency without a young, unproven quarterback

NBA’s all-star game fails to outdraw NFL’s

The NFL’s Pro Bowl stinks. But as long as it continues to draw an audience (and churn a profit), the NFL will continue to stage it. It definitely draws an audience, and surely churns a profit. This year’s game, played on a Sunday afternoon, generated a rating of 5.9. That’s more than 15 percent higher

10 things you might not know about Zack Martin, like why he was nicknamed 'The Butcher'

Zack Martin came to the Cowboys and immediately established himself as an anchor on the offensive line. Here are 10 things you might not know about him. 1. Top recruit According to Rivals, Martin was ranked as a four-star recruit coming out of Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis, where he won


I couldn't listen to the Superbowl replay via internet stream through the radio app I have been using for years to listen to WIP due to NFL greediness! Thanks a lot jerkoffs!!!! I waited all week for this and as I was painting the living room excited to hear Merrill and Mike call the game I was treated

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